Community Engaged Scholarship

Community Engaged Scholarship Activity

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Goal: Develop a process model for community engaged scholarship

Working Individually

1. Identify one key component of community engaged scholarship

2. Identify four more

3. Pick one and improve on it

4. Identify one more component


1. Read out the component that you identified first

2. What similarities do we see across these components?

3. When you improved on a component of community engaged scholarship, what did you do to improve?

4. Do you feel the improvement is actually better?

5. Identify the component that you believe is the most important:

  • First one?
  • Improvement?
  • Last one?
  • One of the others?

6. Identify additional components:

  • Theory
  • Methods 
  • Fieldwork
  • Data collection
  • Writing
  • Academic publications
  • Non-academic publications
  • Reporting to the community
  • Funding
  • Speaking to policy makers
  • Reaching a wide audience
  • What else?

Groups (three)

1. Discuss the label that each of you likes best for this kind of work, and why

2. Share the components each of you identified and discuss

3. Work to identify additional components

4. Begin to map out the process of community engaged research, using those components and adding arrows and illustrates to complete the map

  • Entry points
  • Actions
  • Outcomes
  • Cycles

5. Share your map with the larger class

6. Discuss and critique